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Our Team

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Sneha Krishnan

Founder Director

Sneha is a leader in social sector solutioning with her body of work panning areas as diverse as disasters in Asia , farmers in Orissa , children in Solomon Islands and sanitation in Africa


Dr. Sharanraj Krishnan

Research Lead - Public Health

Sharan is a health systems specialist with over 5 years of experience as a researcher and practitioner across Haryana, Odisha and Maharashtra. He pursues his PhD at Jawaharlal Nehru University on community health for LGBTQ+ individuals


Andrew Powell

Practice Lead - Humanitarian

Andy leads humanitarian practice at ETCH. He is a qualified architect with over 15 years of global experience.  His work focuses on school safety and community resilience in disaster risk reduction & post-disaster response in Bangladesh, Haiti, Yemen, Iraq, South Sudan, Lebanon & Asia Pacific

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Nitesh Lohan

Research Officer

Nitesh has expertise and qualification to work on disasters,

fire safety, and industrial safety. She is an expert in qualitative and quantitative data collection and has solid experience in solid waste management, community engagement and training.

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