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Digital Technologies



Research and Assessment

  • Research and evaluation consultancy

  • Development of policy guidelines for uptake and scaling up

  • Promoting information, communication and technology on socio-environmental issues

  • Impact assessment, monitoring and evaluation services,

  • Data and research consultancy services

  • Capacity building

  • Market intelligence


Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Using group genius and deep understanding of the landscape to ideate highly contextual and innovative solutions to social problems

  • Capacity building


Experience Design

  • Deployment of unique innovations on the field​

  • Scaling up from idea to solutions​

  • Volunteering on field to drive social change


Environmental Management

We prioritize ecosystem-based approach along with mobilization of resources to improve quality of life, planetary health and sustainable living.

Livelihood Security

Our work focuses on livelihoods and economic security of vulnerable individuals and communities by enhancing access and control over resources and using advocacy and research to achieve social justice and secure human rights. 

Disaster Risk Reduction

We use a systems thinking and participatory approaches to identify, assess and reduce the risk of disasters, and managing risks pre- and post-disaster planning, environmental management and humanitarian assistance. 

Water Sanitation & Hygiene

Our work in WASH is fundamental to provide long-term prevention and control measures for improving health, socio-economic development, as well as post-disaster necessities.  

Gender Research

We focus on women’s empowerment in social development, and menstrual hygiene in disaster settings along with undertaking research on gender equity, eco-feminism and more. 

Urban Risk Management

Our work in urban settings is considered as hotspots for studying, improving and transforming complex adaptive systems by focusing on urban risks, poverty alleviation and climate change adaptation.

Socio-Behavioural Change Communication

Our work stems from understanding and application of behavioral science insights to incrementally push for change and transformation in solving complex challenges.  

Climate Change Adaptation & Resilience

This refers to change in processes and practices that has the potential to moderate the damage related to climate change along with a resilience approach.
Domain Expertise

Our Projects

Strengthening health system responses to support Rohingya refugees using photo elicitation

Where: Bangladesh

Funded byMedical Research Council

Research Partner London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine


With a unique model for collaboration with industry, we bring in cutting edge technology to solve social problems for community stakeholders.


Digital Technology

  • Mobile apps
  • Social Media
  • Geographic Information Systems

Physical Technology

  • Tech

  • Cameras

  • Civil works etc.

Emerging Technology

  • AI/ML
  • Blockchain 
  • RPA​
Our Projects
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